Living far away from your aging or disabled loved one presents many challenges. Phone calls can be frustrating as you try to discern issues and help. At ACM Care, we deal with situations like this all the time. We can help your loved one get the care and oversight they need while providing you the peace of mind you need.We can be your eyes and ears.
A resource to help you make important healthcare decisions.
One of the challenges adult children often face is caring for an aging or disabled parent long distance. Parents are often reluctant to be honest about what they need when they know their adult child has a busy life hundreds of miles away. Even when you call to ask how they are doing, the answer is often that they are “fine” and they “don’t need anything.” But a visit home often proves otherwise. Providing long distance healthcare support for an aging parent who lives in Chicago, St Louis, or Peoria is a large part of our service.