When you have an aging loved one or family member with a disability in a Missouri or Illinois nursing home, developing effective ways to work with the staff might feel challenging. Nursing care facilities and senior housing communities often have high turnover that makes it difficult for families to build relationships with individual caregivers. When family members work full-time, the challenge sometimes becomes even greater as most of the decision-making staff is at the nursing home primarily during business hours. That makes face-to-face meetings with them hard to arrange. A care management professional can be the solution. They can be the eyes and ears of the family in the facility.

Services a Care Manager Can Provide for Nursing Home Residents

Care managers assist older adults and those living with a disability and their families. They help develop a plan of care designed to allow each client to reach and maintain their highest level of independence and best quality of life. When the loved one lives in a nursing home, a care manager can assist in a variety of ways. They include:

  1. Attending patient care conferences with family members or on their behalf. The care manager can review problems and concerns that need to be addressed and work with staff on a plan of correction.
  2. Coordinating appointments and communication between different physicians and health care professionals.
  3. Communicating with family members and long-distance loved ones to provide updates about care, changes in medical conditions, and to make recommendations on what their loved one might need.
  4. Dropping in to visit the nursing home on different days and at varying times to see how well care and services are being delivered during off hours.
  5. Using their knowledge of nursing home regulations and mediation options to resolve conflicts and concerns.

We hope this information gives you more insight into the role a care manager can play in monitoring and managing the nursing home experience for a loved one with a disability. Contact us at ACM Care at 877.323.5916 for more information and insights on the role of the care manager to better your nursing home experience.