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NOV and DEC 2017 SRT meetings

Join us for the following ACM Care Management SRT meetings this month. Feel free to invite a friend or interested colleague! Please read through for the interesting presenters that are planned. Please check the website for updates periodically. Feel free... Read More

How to Encourage Seniors to Socialize in Assisted Living Facilities

Moving into assisted living can be difficult for a senior citizen. They may be in denial about moving into a facility, scared, or just unsure of new settings and new people involved. Socialization however is important to their adjustment and... Read More

Caregiver Stress and Alzheimers

Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia and it is a growing concern worldwide. In the United States, there are more than 5 million with Alzheimer’s and it is also the 6th leading cause of death in the US. One in... Read More

How do I manage alzheimer’s and dementia symptoms and behaviors?

There are two common types of symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s and dementias. The first is cognitive, which has to do with mental functioning. The common symptoms in the cognitive category are the following: • Repetition of thoughts/sayings • Delusions or... Read More

Seniors and Independence

Most seniors would love to be independent as long as they can.  Below are four ways that family and friends can help encourage seniors and independence as much as possible. The old rule is in force here: use it or... Read More

Travel by air and car with a Person with Dementia

Travel with a love one with dementia can be challenging, but not impossible. We have listed some suggestions to make the trip easier for both you and your loved one.  Ask the physician for any special precautions prior to traveling–... Read More

Seniors and Scams

There are many scams going around nowadays that try to cheat people of their money. Most of these scams target vulnerable older adults, typically living alone. Here are some recent scams to be aware of:   Grandparent’s Scam – This... Read More

10 Sources for Senior Discounts

The following is a list of select companies and businesses offering discounts to senior citizens. Clothing Stores. Kohl’s offer a 15 percent discount to those 55 and up every Wednesday. Ross offers 10 percent off to shoppers 55 and up... Read More

How do men deal with loss?

Men and women deal with loss in their own way. Women tend to show everything they feel and are not afraid to shed a tear. Men tend to hide their feelings and are hesitant to express raw emotions.  Men are... Read More

Seniors without Family Nearby

 ELDER ORPHANS   Over the years there has been a growing concern for elders from the baby boom generation becoming an elder orphan. A recent article from CNN claims that about 22% of Americans 65 and older are at the... Read More