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5 Tips to Dementia Proof Your Home

If a loved one who lives with dementia will be staying with you, creating a safe environment is important. These quick tips will help you evaluate your risks and create a safer home.... Read More

Respite Options for Caregivers in Missouri and Illinois

During spring and summer family caregivers often hope to take a vacation to enjoy spending time with their own children. Knowing what to do for a loved one with a disability or an older parent they provide care for while... Read More

Is Your Senior Driver Safe Behind the Wheel?

The topic of older adults behind the wheel can be provocative. For most of us, maintaining our ability to drive helps us safeguard our independence and our pride. Because we all age differently, a date of birth cannot be the... Read More

Helping a Loved One Manage Their Finances

For many adult children, there will come a day when you need to help an aging loved one or family member with a disability manage their finances. It may be on a short-term basis while they are recovering from an... Read More

Advice for Caregivers When a Loved One With Dementia is Hospitalized

When a loved one lives with Alzheimer’s disease or a related form of dementia, a hospital stay can present unique challenges. While hospital staff no doubt has the best of intentions, understanding how to communicate with someone who has impaired... Read More

5 Facts Illinois & Missouri Caregivers May Not Know About Assisted Living

Like many aging related issues, assisted living is a topic many families avoid talking about until an aging loved one experiences a medical emergency. Then they struggle to make decisions when stress and emotions are at their peak. This week,... Read More

Cooking Up a Safe Kitchen for Illinois and Missouri Seniors

If you ask any seasoned emergency services professional about kitchen safety and older adults, they will tell you that a senior cooking is a common cause of fires in the home. According to Federal Emergency Management Agency statistics, people over... Read More

Communication Tips for Working with an Elderly Loved One’s Physician

Adult children we work with in Illinois and Missouri often tell us they are having a difficult time communicating with their older loved one’s family doctor. The concerns we hear range from “they don’t spend enough time with us” to... Read More

5 Things Caregivers Should Know About Resident Trust Funds

As a convenience for residents and their families, most skilled nursing and rehab centers offer the option of setting up a financial account for in-house expenses. They can be used for the resident beauty shop, outings, and miscellaneous kinds of... Read More

Caregiver Heart Smarts

If you are a caregiver for an aging loved one or a family member living with a disability, we know how challenging your days might be. The physical demands juggling all of the tasks a caregiver has in a day... Read More