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How to Encourage Seniors to Socialize in Assisted Living Facilities

Moving into assisted living can be difficult for a senior citizen. They may be in denial about moving into a facility, scared, or just unsure of new settings and new people involved. Socialization however is important to their adjustment and... Read More

What is Advocacy? Who is an advocate?

Advocacy is the act or process of supporting a cause or proposal. An advocate is a person who represents and works with a person or group of people who may need support and encouragement to exercise their rights. Do you,... Read More

Is it Elder Abuse?

Every year in the US more than half a million reports of elder abuse reach authorities and a million more go unreported. Abuse of the elderly can happen anywhere from their own homes, to relative’s homes, to healthcare facilities. There... Read More

Preventing Delirium after surgery

Delirium is a sudden change in mental function that can cause an older person to behave differently. Some can become aggressive and agitated, others can become sleepy and inactive. Some can experience a combination of both. A person experiencing delirium... Read More

Life Enrichment Programs in Congregate Housing

Older adults and those living with disabilities move to a congregate housing program for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the move is a necessity for health and safety reasons. Other times it is to help improve their opportunities for socialization... Read More

What is a Resident Care Conference?

If you have a loved one with a disability or an older parent who has recently moved to a care community, this term may be new for you. Care conferences are a routine event for all types of providers ranging... Read More

5 Tips for Finding the Right Assisted Living Community

A transition to a senior living community often begins at the urging of an adult child. When we are first starting to help families explore senior care options for an aging parent one question that routinely comes is whether they... Read More

Winter Safety: Advice for Caregivers in Illinois and Missouri

Like it or not, winter is here. If you are a caregiver for an adult living with a disability or for an aging loved one, it is time to help them prepare.  The care management team from ACM Care offers... Read More

Understanding Senior Care Legal Terminology

If an aging loved one or a family member living with a disability has recently been diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, families often begin to consider what legal and financial planning they need to do to prepare for the... Read More

Communicating Concerns with the Staff at Nursing Home

Having a loved one in a nursing home can be tough on families. Because staff members at skilled nursing facilities often juggle many areas of responsibility, it can make it difficult to get your concerns addressed in a timely manner.... Read More