Having a loved one in a nursing home can be tough on families. Because staff members at skilled nursing facilities often juggle many areas of responsibility, it can make it difficult to get your concerns addressed in a timely manner. Trying to communicate with facility staff is one of the greatest frustrations expressed by adult children. Here are a few pointers to help:

Positive Reinforcement

When you are interacting with the aides in your loved one’s nursing home, try to use positive reinforcement whenever possible. Don’t limit your communication to complaints only. Try to build a relationship with them by complimenting them on the good things they do for your loved one.

Choose the Right Person

Take your concerns to the right person. Aides are often the people families address concerns with because they see them the most, but they are typically not the right point of contact.

Complaints related to care should be jointly directed to the Administrator and the Director of Nursing. Prepare your list of concerns and schedule a meeting with them. Document your discussion during the meeting and their plans for resolution. Give them the opportunity to fix the problem and to follow-up with you to let you know they have.

Still Not Resolved?

What to do after you have met with the Administrator and Director of Nursing and given them time to correct the issue, and you still have not gotten resolution? As a last resort, you can contact ACM Care for advice in your particular situation. Sometimes changes can be made, and sometimes it is just time to move to a different facility and “start fresh.”

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