If you are a caregiver in Illinois or Missouri struggling to help a loved one living with a disability maintain their independence, in-home care may be a cost-effective way to help support their needs. Home care agencies can provide assistance with a variety of tasks ranging from grooming and bathing to grocery shopping and meal preparation. These are some of the most common responsibilities caregivers have difficulty finding time for each day.

Home Care is an Option

According to the most recent Genworth Financial Cost of Care survey, home care costs in Missouri range between $15 per hour to $25 an hour with a median of $17.  That earns Missouri the rank of being one of the most affordable states for cost of in-home care. In Illinois the median cost is slightly higher at $19 per hour and the range is between $15 and $30.

What makes home care an attractive option is that it allows the client to remain in their own home and have the support they need come to them. They pay for only those services they require.  In contrast to senior living communities where residents sometimes pay all-inclusive rates even if they don’t need the same level of service as other residents.

For worn-out caregivers, hiring a home care agency to provide respite service a few times a month can help improve both their emotional and physical well-being. The respite caregiver can stay with your loved one while you take a break or travel out-of-town. It is also a great way to ease a loved one in to the idea of accepting outside support on a more regular basis. They have the opportunity to get to know the caregivers and build a relationship with them.

Financial Options

While most in-home care is paid for using private family funds, there are sometimes additional sources of financial support. The Area Agency on Aging, local Medicaid office or a care manager can help families explore these options.

One final thing to keep in mind as you are putting together a budget is that most agencies will have per visit or weekly minimum hour requirement. Be sure to put that question down on your list to ask each agency you are considering.