Men and women deal with loss in their own way. Women tend to show everything they feel and are not afraid to shed a tear. Men tend to hide their feelings and are hesitant to express raw emotions.  Men are oftentimes told from a young age that crying shows weakness. So when it comes to losing a loved one it might hard for a man to cope because they tend to use different ways to express their sadness from women. Men tend to hide the fact that they are sad and sometimes express their sadness through anger instead. There are ways to help them during this hard time.




Listen. If they would like to talk, listen to them. Give them your full attention and try not to give them advice. Sometimes they just need someone to listen, and not someone to fix it.


Let them be alone. If they don’t want to talk, just let them be. Some men like to be left alone to manage their loss. You should support their need to be alone (as long as they are not doing things to harm themselves).


Take care of yourself. In order to care for someone and be there for them you need to make sure you are in good health. Make sure you get the rest you need so you will have the energy to help your loved one get through this tough time.



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