Older adults and those living with disabilities move to a congregate housing program for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the move is a necessity for health and safety reasons. Other times it is to help improve their opportunities for socialization and prevent them from feeling isolated and alone. Helping loved ones stay connected and engaged can help prevent depression and improve overall wellness.

What can you do to encourage your family member to participate in the life enrichment activities at their assisted care community? Here are a few recommendations:

Get the Calendar

Obtain a copy of the monthly activity calendar from the staff. Review it with your loved one to see what they might be interested in joining. Most communities offer a variety of programs ranging from card clubs and game nights to music and trips to the movies.

Find a Friend

If they are shy or a little hesitant about going alone, talk with the activity program director to see if another resident might extend a personal invitation to your loved one to go with them. Most communities will welcome you to stay if your loved one would feel more comfortable with you there until they get to know others in the group,

Phone Call Reminder

If your loved one lives with memory loss or is just a little forgetful, a quick reminder phone call a few minutes before the planned activity might help encourage them to attend.

Extra Help

Many assisted living and congregate housing communities can provide staff or volunteers to escort residents to events. That helps those with physical impairments get the help they need to be able to participate. If you think your loved one would like to join in an activity but needs help getting to it, be sure to let the staff know. They can usually make arrangements for an escort.

New Ideas

Finally, if your loved one has a special hobby they are interested in or a talent they are willing to share, talk with the life enrichment staff about it. Most communities are always looking for fresh ideas and new talent!

We hope this article helps with encouraging your loved one to participate in more life enrichment activities. Please contact ACM Care today for a Free Assessment