The concept of home delivered meals started during the World War II in the United Kingdom when people lost their homes and had no place to prepare food. The Women’s Volunteer Service went out and brought food to the people. Over the years it has evolve into a federally-funded program for the elderly. Most of these programs rely on donations by participants to help offset the cost. Here are a few of the many benefits of using a home delivered meal program.


  1. Portion control. Home delivered meals have federally-recognized portions that can help the elderly with trouble losing weight and eating healthy.


  1. Daily visits: Home delivered meal programs provide a daily check-in while delivering the needed food. This can give some families some peace of mind, and the elderly recipient gets a little human contact


  1. Cost savings. The cost (recommended donation) for a home delivered meal program is less than hiring someone to make meals or ordering delivery from a restaurant. It is oftentimes less expensive than making the same meal at home


If you are interested in receiving Home Delivered meals the best place to sign up is your local Area Agency on Agency. Have more questions about how to keep an elder safe at home? Please call us at 877.323.5916 with your questions.