Institutional Support

ACM Care can monitor your loved one’s nursing home care, in addition to offering advocacy support in difficult hospital situations. Our experienced staff will provide you with the unbiased, professional medical perspective you need to make the best decisions for you or your loved one. Our team knows the important questions to ask, who to speak with and how to make change happen.

Regain Control in the Institutional Setting
If your loved one resides in a nursing home or senior living community or if they are in the hospital, they may feel as if they are no longer in control of their life. The loss of independence and feelings of helplessness are often the cause of anxiety for your loved one and for your family. ACM Care’s professional staff can put your loved one and your family back in control of their care. Residentl FacilityWe assist by working within the rules and regulations set by the institution to advocate on clients’ behalf. We make daily or weekly in-person visits, review their medical chart, and collaborate with the facility staff. We keep your loved one safe and comfortable while they are at home or away from home at a senior living community. We can also work with with family members to coordinate any necessary trips to town or for “special requests.” The unfamiliar environment of a hospital or other health care setting can be difficult for older adults, especially if they live with Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia. ACM Care has years of experience coordinating with administrators and medical providers to make this time easier for clients.

Some examples of specific activities we use to accomplish a client’s goals:

  • Making scheduled and unscheduled “visits” to monitor care and intervene in a timely manner. This includes early morning hospital visits when doctors typically see their patients or “off hour” stops at a nursing home when staffing ratios are lower.
  • Reviewing the medical chart regularly to identify changing needs early and begin working with providers to develop potential solutions.
  • Assisting with the discharge planning process. This may include arranging medical equipment and services to be delivered to the home before a client’s arrival. Or helping clients select and move to a short-term rehab or long-term care facility.
  • Coordinating a move from one facility to another.
  • Working with insurance companies to make sure benefits are approved, services are implemented and policies are utilized for maximum coverage.
ACM Care has been a Godsend for our family… My mother has resided in a nursing home since age 92 and she is 98 1/2. ACM Care has been a constant source of support. As my mother’s care needs have changed, I have contacted ACM Care to monitor her nursing home care. Our ACM Care staff have been all trained nurses. They visit the nursing home, examine my mother, read her medical charts, and send me a report regarding her medical condition or any other care concerns that they feel need to be addressed… The continued intervention by ACM Care has made a world of difference in the nursing home care my mother has received. ACM Care has also helped give me a peace of mind as a long distance caregiver. If I have any concerns about my mother’s care, I know I can call ACM Care and they will go to the nursing home to check on my concerns and either e-mail me a report or give me a call. They are my eyes and ears. Their intervention and care recommendations have helped me make intelligent well informed decisions about my mother’s care. …Thanks to [ACM Care’s] compassionate intervention, support, and expertise, I know we have provided the best care that we could for our mother during this phase of her life. God Bless You, C. M., LPC