Long Distance

Long Distance

August 6, 2013

Living far away from your aging or disabled loved one presents many challenges. Phone calls can be frustrating as you try to discern issues and help. At ACM Care, we deal with situations like this all the time. We can help your loved one get the care and oversight they need while providing you the peace of mind you need.

Caring for Your Parent from Far Away
In most cases, keeping aging parents at home is key to their comfort and vitality

We can be your eyes and ears.
A resource to help you make important healthcare decisions.

One of the challenges adult children often face is caring for an aging or disabled parent long distance. Parents are often reluctant to be honest about what they need when they know their adult child has a busy life hundreds of miles away. Even when you call to ask how they are doing, the answer is often that they are “fine” and they “don’t need anything.” But a visit home often proves otherwise. Providing long distance healthcare support for an aging parent who lives in Chicago, St Louis, or Peoria is a large part of our service.

What Our Long Distance Families Say

ACM Care has been very important to us because we all live 300 miles or more from Dad. We had no knowledge of local nursing homes, so selecting one was the first task we had. Other key benefits from ACM Care were having an RN who was on our side looking at the care Dad was receiving, guiding us as to what was reasonable for us to expect from a nursing home, and having a local presence.C.F.
ACM Care’s biggest contribution to me was peace of mind. Being 2,000 miles away from my father it was hard to make arrangements and know that he was safe and looked after. With ACM Care, I had an on-site advocate and that was priceless.C.S.
Dealing with nursing home issues (especially from a distance) can be both daunting and frustrating, with a whole new set of jargon to learn in a short time – all while you are concerned about your loved one. ACM helped our family navigate that complicated path with expert advice and “street smarts” that were invaluable.C.S.