Medical Management

Medical Management

August 12, 2013

Our Professional Staff can attend and evaluate medical appointments, assist in managing medications, provide health summaries to specialists, and oversee in-home care providers. We communicate with and discuss our findings with family members as often as necessary. An important part of our success with elderly and disabled clients comes from helping them feel like they are still in charge of their lives.

Coordinating & Managing Medical Care

Communication When It’s Most Needed

Coordinating medical care can be a full-time job. Especially if your elderly loved one has multiple health conditions or is an adult child living with a disability. But research shows just how important it is. A lack of communication between multiple medical providers is responsible for many preventable hospital admissions and failing health. Especially when it comes to medication management and administration. ACM Care’s professional staff can help to coordinate care across multiple medical providers and help to manage complex health conditions.

Coordinated for You

Our Medical Management program is designed to make sure you or your loved one receives all of the benefits of coordinated healthcare. We understand the complex medical jargon and can help interpret it for you. Insurance and doctors office case managers also help with this, but ACM Care takes it to the next level. We will accompany your loved one to every doctor’s appointment, communicate and coordinate information, and be the eyes and ears in the home. That allows us to accurately report what really is and isn’t working.

ACM Care has been working with us since my diagnosis in March. My ACM Care manager has reviewed my insurance policy and treatment plan, helped organize my thoughts prior to treatment, doctors’ appointments & tests, helped me track my progress and provided a sounding board to discuss thoughts and feelings. She has given me encouragement and confidence. All this as I oversee the medical care of my elderly, disabled husband. For my husband the case manager has been invaluable. He has many physicians, each with their own agenda and list of medications. The case manager, through her patience and understanding, has established a trust with my husband. She has been able to set up and coordinate his medications, help organize his doctors’ appointments and has been guiding him gently. I have been unable to do this despite 25 years in the health care field. For the first time in years I feel confident that my husband is receiving the right medical care. Words can not describe my gratitude for the help that we are receiving from ACM. R. C.


We Design Solutions to Problems that are Truly Unique.

Blister pack of pills. Remedy.Specific activities we provide may include:

  • Attend physician appointments, document the visit and coordinate follow-up care.
  • Coordination of transitional care
  • Relay specific information about your loved one to their doctors while advocating for and maintaining the dignity of the client.
  • Oversee in-home care providers including home health and hospice care. We can also coordinate on-going care after the insurance benefit is exhausted.
  • Provide written progress reports to physicians and health care providers to help improve communication.
  • Work closely with the client to design a system for successful medication management and improved compliance with physician orders.
  • Coordinate mail-in prescription refill schedules to ensure delivery of medications before they run out.
  • Other activities necessary to help client’s maintain their best quality of life.

The ultimate goal of ACM Care’s Medical Management Programs is to slow down the progression of disease by creating a relationship of trust between us, our client and their healthcare providers.

It’s Easy to Get Started

You know you need help for your loved one. You’ve done your homework and you’re ready to get started with ACM Care. It’s simple. All accounts start with a $400 retainer. This retainer includes the set up of your account.  You can easily pay via PayPal (which takes all major credit cards as well as PayPal) using the button below and we’ll get started right away.