Personal Care Plan

Personal Care Plan

August 10, 2013

With years of experience in the elder care industry, the staff of ACM Care can knowledgeably answer your questions and address your concerns. We can also help to make changes that will improve your current situation. Our Professional Care Managers will develop an individualized plan of action created just for you and your circumstances. It can serve as a road map for your loved one’s future needs.

A Personal Care Plan is the First Step to Finding Your Solutions

Are you and your family feeling overwhelmed with all of the choices for a loved one’s eldercare? Or about the types of care available for a newly disabled adult?

The uncertainties that come as a loved one grows older or when a family member has a disability can leave families feeling unqualified to make the right decision. Even knowing where to start often seems hard to determine.

You Will Be Heard

We listen to your concerns about the existing situation, analyze what is and isn’t working, and collect information on family resources, including financial and personal resources, insurance policies and health histories. The Personal Care Planning session helps us to determine needs, existing support systems, the client and family’s abilities, strengths and weaknesses and goals.

At ACM Care, we are interested in helping you develop the best long-term solution. Not just a short-term fix. You won’t find any pre-formatted reports or cookie cutter solutions when you work with us. A Personal Care Planning session typically lasts 2-3 hours. During that time, we get to know the client, the family and the details that make your situation unique.

ACM Care can help

Our experienced care team will work with you to create a road map for your loved one’s care. We make plans for their current needs, in addition to anticipating future needs. Our care solutions are designed to address your loved one’s unique concerns while maintaining their independence and dignity.

Personal Care Plan SolutionsYour Solutions Will be Unique to Your Situation

We use all the collected information to develop a custom action plan. The plan we develop will answer the Who, What, When, Where and How questions you have so you feel confident that you are making an informed choice. As a result of our in-depth Personal Care Planning session, your ACM Care solution will be carefully designed to fit your lifestyle and budget. We will provide solutions for your loved one’s immediate needs, all while focusing on the big picture. This allows you to make quality decisions that help to ensure long-term success.

You are free to pursue the recommendations we suggest on your own or to begin an on-going relationship with ACM Care to help make these solutions a reality.