Over the years there has been a growing concern for elders from the baby boom generation becoming an elder orphan. A recent article from CNN claims that about 22% of Americans 65 and older are at the risk of or already are an elder orphan. An elder orphan is someone who is living on their own and has no one to care for them. It is the result of either their children living in another city or state, or because they are widowed or childless. There is no way to prevent them from becoming an elder orphan. So what are ways we can try to help this generation of elders that are either at the risk of becoming an elder orphan or are already an elder orphan?



Elders at the risk of becoming an elder orphan should prepare for when/if they are no longer able to care for themselves like they used to. One way to prepare is financially through investments, insurance, and planning products. It is also important to encourage them to build a strong network of friends to assist as needed.



For elders that are already an elder orphan, we can provide services to help them. A Geriatric Care Manager can assess their situation and design a unique care plan that works best for them. Preventative, early assistance has been shown to be most effective to keep someone out of a nursing home.


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