Fall is here, flu season is just around the corner, and everyone is being asked to get their flu shot. Here are 4 reasons why senior citizens and disabled persons should get the flu shot.

1. It is cheaper: The flu shot is covered by insurance so most people at high risk can get it for free—so it’s in your budget!

2. Seniors and disabled persons are at higher risk of getting the flu: The body’s ability to fight infections weakens with age and disability—so why take a chance?

3. It saves time: Half of the flu hospitalizations will be senior citizens 65 years of age and older—who wants to waste their time in the hospital? You have more important things to do!

4. Your flu shot protects your grandchildren. Being immunized prevents the spread of the flu. You can spend more time spoiling the little ones, even when the have the sniffles!

There are many strains of the flu every year and while the fly shot does not cover all strains, it is specifically designed annually to cover most strains. See you at the flu clinic!.