So, how many of us find ourselves in a living situation that we are not sure we really need to be in?  Are you thinking that with a little help, you could negotiate getting to a more independent environment or even back home?  Or perhaps you are ready to move from an inpatient rehab center to assisted living for a temporary stay?  ACM’s Transitional care helps you move from one care level to the next without worry by taking care of the details.

What exactly is transitional care?

 Care that helps people leave nursing homes and return to their own home successfully.
•  Reversing the trend of aging adults leaving the hospital only to return for a preventable reason.
•  Services started the afternoon of discharge–not waiting 24 hours later to intervene.
 Comprehensive transition care–from the ride home to cleaning out the spoiled food in the refrige, to reconciling medications.
 No long term contract

We are experts at helping people leave nursing homes or hospitals and return to a more-independent living situation.  We design in-home plans that include preventative safety measures, back up plans, and services costs so that you and your family can make a good decision regarding a potential move.

Transitioning from one living environment to another has its problems for the patient and caregiver, but it is a great way to make the patient comfortable and move into a new environment without issues. It is not a perfect set up, but with the help of the caregiver, we can make the transition for aging loved one much easier.

People ask us all the time if Assisted Living is the right choice–sometimes it is. But sometimes it isn’t.  Our expert evaluation, recommendations, and guidance help you make good decisions based on your unique situation and your needs–rather than what a particular facility wants to sell you. Let us do the dirty work and negotiate all the details when you are moving or transitioning from one place to another.

Contact us at ACM for your transitional care needs at 877.323.5916 and we will help you get started in transitioning your loved one to a better level of care.