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In-Home Heroes: Top 3 Questions About In-Home Caregivers

In-Home Heroes: Top 3 Questions About In-Home Caregivers

1. What is an In-Home Caregiver?

For many, in-home caregivers play an important role in our healthcare system for those in need of extra assistance. They have a part in managing the potentially severe effects of COVID-19 on seniors and those who have disabilities. For those receiving assistance at home, rest assured that in-home caregivers are taking all the necessary precautions in order to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

2. How are In-Home Caregivers Currently Affected by COVID-19?

Of course, since many caregivers work in people’s homes, it can be extremely easy to expose high-risk patients to the coronavirus, even accidentally. With the shortage of personal protective equipment like face masks, hand sanitizer, and gloves in some areas, it can sometimes be difficult to find the supplies necessary to keep homes clean and disinfected. These supplies also help caregivers to perform their duties more safely.

3. What Purpose Do In-Home Caregivers Fill During a Pandemic?

In-home caregivers play an important role in helping those who were hospitalized after having COVID-19 transition back into life at home. Soon, they may play an even greater part in taking care of those affected by the current pandemic in their homes instead of hospitals, if hospitals run out of space.

Take all the steps that can be taken to ensure maximum protection against COVID-19 for yourself, your patients, or loved ones. In-home care is a very serious and integral part of some people’s lives, and for some is even required. We thank our healthcare professionals for the work they do everyday and wish they stay safe.

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