ACM Care

Senior Care in Peoria, Illinois

Over the span of a cherished ones life it may become difficult for them to get around as they once did, or perhaps they may not have the companionship they once did. ACM Care offers a wide variety of services to meet all your needs. Our group of highly trained specialists can be there in the home to assists with tasks, medications, paying bills, errands, or just simply to offer company.

We are locally located in the great city of Peoria, Illinois. We specialize in Senior Care Services and can ease your mind when you are unable to be there with a loved one. Let ACM Care be there when you can’t.

ACM Care has devised a team of highly trained professionals to help your loved ones out. Weather it is short-term care or long-term, with ACM Care you get the BEST care management plan for your loved one.

A Variety of Care Support Tasks

Our Care Specialists can provide confidential in-home or office support for a variety of tasks including:

  • Managing household finances – paying bills, balancing bank statements
  • Organizing household paperwork and mail
  • Monitoring insurance claims and tracking medical bills
  • Maintaining a weekly or monthly calendar to ensure appointments are kept
  • Scheduling and overseeing household maintenance
  • Coordinating services such as in-home helpers and yard work
  • Arranging transportation for shopping and medical appointments
  • Interview, negotiate rates, and oversee in-home helpers including transportation providers
  • And much more!

If you need help making these difficult decisions or in finding the right Senior Care in Peoria, Illinois, please call ACM Care for a FREE NO OBLIGATION telephone evaluation. 309.453.2736.   We provide peace of mind, deliver professional care, and keep you in the loop. Thanks for visiting our website.