Senior Lifeline Alert Systems Kirkwood, MO

It’s never easy to hear that you family member is aging and has started to lose their balance. Seniors’ falling is more common occurrence then you may realize. ACM Care wants to be there to help.

If your loved one resides alone or with a partner what happens when they fall? A simple fall can have devastating results or consequences for aging adults. If an elder falls they can become disoriented, immobilized, or knocked unconscious and unable to call for help. The urgency for immediate response is valuable for the health and life the elder.

ACM now offers Lifeline alert system to help your loved one in case of fall, medical emergency, or any other emergency where every second counts. ACM Care’s professional staff can put your loved one and your family back in control of their care with Lifeline. Lifeline helps your aging loved one live independently in the comfort of their own home and offers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Now is the time to let your senior live independently with a peace of mind for them and you.

Here is a partial list of Services we provide at ACM Care:
• Transitional Care
• Institutional Support
• Veterans Care Services
• Medical Care Management
• Personal Care Planning
• Lifeline Alert System
• Long Distance Care Services/Reporting

You should also know that ACM Care provides these services to private pay clients only. We do not accept insurance although your insurance may reimburse you for some of all of the services we provide. If you are are outside the Kirkwood, Mo. area and have a loved one locally needing Senior or Disabled Care Services in St. Louis, we truly understand your concerns. Our level of communication in providing progress and condition reports is excellent. We know that you need to know.

If you need help making these difficult decisions or in finding the right Care Management in Kirkwood, please call ACM Care for a FREE NO OBLIGATION telephone evaluation. 314.293.0697. We can you, provide peace of mind, deliver professional care, and keep you in the loop. Thanks for visiting our website.