Transitional Senior Care Peoria, IL

Transitional Senior Care Peoria, IL

Do you need help as you move from one setting to another? Whether it’s from hospital to home; home to long-term care; short-term care to home; or any other health care transition scenario, your job is to recover, not worry about the details. Let us do the dirty work! We can help you negotiate all the issues that come up when transitioning in Peoria, IL and surrounding Chicago areas.

Coordination of Movement from One Care Level to the Next

Our Care Specialists Can Help You with Problems Such as:

  • Coordination of follow-up medical care
  • Coordination of outpatient therapy appointments
  • Medication Management
  • Transportation issues from one facility to another, or to appointments
  • Coordination of durable medical equipment and medical supply needs
  • Help with insurance and payment issues
  • Help with home management and activities of daily living issues (grocery, banking, bills, laundry, etc.)


Helping You Recover

Transitioning in Peoria, IL can present unique challenges for patients and/or their caregivers. Patients who have had a serious illness or undergone a surgical or medical procedure that required a rehab stay, all recover differently. Some patients may have co-morbidities or health conditions that complicate their recovery. Other limitations or restrictions, such as having given up driving, can make follow-up health care more difficult. Some patients who have had a short-term stay may find they are weaker and less able to care for themselves. This can put them at risk for everything from falls to compromised nutrition.
ACM Care also provides a turn-key product for physician offices and physician groups implementing chronic care management services for their Medicare patients. Call for more details.

Transition Planning is Easier With Us by your Side

We can start the planning process wherever you currently are in the Chicago area, so the transition is smooth, organized, and as stress-free as possible. You or your loved-one can focus on getting better, not worrying about the details!

ACM Care can help you transition your loved one home. Call us at 877.323.5916 or send us a message to schedule a complimentary phone assessment.